Boat Motors Collection

These motors are NOS
80 HP West Bend Shark
2 NOS Bundy s /w  tank prop
15hp Oliver,electric start/w controls,tank ,all harness still in boxes
1957? 38hp Firestone
1992 40 hp Johnson w/all controls,tank,Harness in box​​
20 hp WEST Bend
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Unusual Motors​​

1957 Fageol 44hp​​​​
Evinrude 2 cylinder Launch  motor
KG9 Mercury restored,I have 2 others
Fageol VIP drive
60 hp Hiawatha[made by Scott]
60 H P Gale Sovergn [Original]
1930 Indian  Restored by Tom Thuerwachter with original promotional fishin pole
1936 Johnson Sausage motor Restored
25 hp Wizard made by Mercury for Western Auto
2- 85hp Contenders,
1959 scott diesel
restored   by                       TOM SMETTS

Misc Boat Memorbila
Most NOS    NFS

1915?Anderson marine engine

These were New in box,   10x20 Outside  Johnson     Billboards

Very Nice used original
I have 3 of these with the correct boxes with the name on box
Carl Kiekafer was founder of Mercury outboards,but in 1941 when things got slow he made chain saws for the government,called Disston

This is a water Ski that you start out,then lean back and go on a slaom[1 ski]
On right is an aluminium Aero craft pull behind surfboard 
on left is an original  oaring exercise machine
   Water Skimmer          let it pull you thru water
1948 Salsbury Scooter
with side car
1850'S Big Boat Anchor   8'x10' 1.7 ton
On left are Higgins aluminuim waters Skis  on right are plaid Fiberglass        water skis 

I like these and would buy more
These are coin operated kids rides
Water Ski Caddy
RESTORED               BY

1920 johnson outboard bicycle engine,to be mounted on werkman peanut bike
1926 werkman bicycle