Bill and Nancy's Boat Collection

The boats that are displayed on this page are part of an ever growing collection of the weird, unusual, low production boats of the 1950's and 60's.  With the collection being started in 2006, we have found, restored and preserved some of the finest and rarest examples of early fiberglass finned boats.  Boats on this page are not for sale but please check our Misc for Sale page to see what may be available

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1959 Reinell with Matching 1959 Chevrolet Impala
1958  Aero-Glas
Super Satellite 16
1958 Barnes Shark
1959 South Seas Samoan
1959 Car Agua/55hp Homelite
1959 Dalcraft Made in Dallas Texas

1956 Herters/Tee Nee trailer
1957 Herters Rocket/Tee Nee/Mercury
1958 Herts Flying Fish,this is rare big fin
1957 Herters Flying Fish 
1959 Herters Flying Fish
1958 Vali IV
1958 Lonestar Meteor
1957 Lonestar Meteor Original 1 owner
4   Lonestar Meteors that need restored
1905 New York Built Launch
1958 Waconda/Tee Nee/Twin Mark 55
1959 Yellow Jacket 1 of 14 made
12ft yellow Jacket,Not rare but like mine when I was 14yrs old
1959 Reinell/Tee nee/ mercury
1959 Reinell
1958 Glasslipper/Super Gatpr
Very Rare ORIGINAL 1of 2  1959 Glasslipper
1959 Beeline  Sapphire
1959 Beeline Sapphire
Needs restored
1959Bee line Sapphire I have 2 that needs restored
Victor Le Baron
1959 Crosby Sweptfin
This is a 1 off,made by a plymouth enthusiast
This is an unknown wood boat 18ft,like a Switzer on steroids,will be done spring 17
1959 Glastron SEa Flight Seville
1963 American Marc 16ft Twin 135hp Merks coming
LoneStar Carribean
15ft Larson Sea Lion
1959 Fleetcraft,fiberglass  Hull wood deck/Tee Nee trailerThis will be  done spring 2017
Feathercraft Experimental 12ft,it is now stripped
Feathercraft Vagabond/gator trailer
1956 Feathercraft Rocket/Tee Nee
Feathercraft Rocket
Feathercraft Deluxe Runabout
Roby Hutton
1960 14ft powercat with twin 75 flying SCOTTS/custom LU
18ft Powercat DC
This is a plywood kit boat like the one my Dad  used to race with a KG9
14ft Allison/Johnson Stinger,,
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1963 Scott Royale 15ft Original 1 owner
This boat was built by 2 brothers that worked for omc in the engineering dept. They made 2, i was distroyed,I have more history on it but very neat old Barn find
 1961 Dalcraft Saucer boat
Camando U-2
1959Anthony 13ft
1963 Custom craft w/Hardtop
14 1/2 ft Custom Craft
1958 Sport Queen
1957 Herters Flying Fish original needs restored
1963 Shell Lake Temest
1957 Glastron,first year aluminum spear
Vali IV needs restored
Vali IV needs resored
9' Original Fiberglass boat ?
1948 Duo Mould    original 
50's Pond Amusement Boat
Aluminium unknown  Thanks  Lee
8'  Lake Racer