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Arkansas Traveler/Tee Nee trailer/40 hp Johnson
This is an aluminium boat with fiberglass deck,nice  older restoration by previous owner,       call for pricing


1957 Glastron  aluminium spear
supposely first 50 had spear
           $1200.00 no trailer

1905 28' New York Launch
Built by the New York Boat Builders
2cyl. Red Wing Motor
Restoration Finished in 1987 with Full Docmentation
Boat has extensive list of Show History
Nice Restoration, Custom Trailer
Call for Pricing. 
Click Image for full Gallery

This is a restored back to Original 20" whizzer Sportsman,700 engine,kick starts,twist whizzer grips,front brake,all the good stuff

NOS Attwood  Steering wheel  $150.00 Free shipping  
Scott step pads ,NOS [very nice] 50.00 pr
This is a 1958 Herters Flying fish,It looks like a 1957 but this is a rare 58 becuse the fins are about 6in taller than 57 and it has the better hull design.they made alot of 58 but not as many with the taller fin.This boat is pretty much all complete to do it back original correct. I think it is a period correct Holsclaw trailer.
This is a Cadillac Constellation/w a tee nee trailer, this is a aluminium hull with a fiberglass deck,it is  an easier one to do,it doesnt have a lot of glazing,cracking and is mostly complete.
This is a nice Custom Craft/with a decent trailer,it needs a total restoration,I am selling boat trailer,no motor,
    1958 Vali IV,            Tall fins,headlights,2 to pick from,comes with gator trailer,2 different models, both needs totally restored
                                  choice $6500.00

Shell Lake Tempest/trailer
Needs totally restored,older pic
nice lines    $1500.00
                                           1959 Larson Sea Lion
                      Needs restored but decent,boat trailer
              1957 Herters                            Fins are cut off,now make your own,needs totally restored
                  Bell Boy Banshee
Needs restored   2500.00/w trailer
                      This is a       Robi Hut boat
is what I am toldBasically a sleigh boat/flat pontoons,aluminium​,25hp sea king   very rare  $10,000.00
1959 Car Aqua  This Boat needs totally restored,it was damaged on front end of boat since pics.More pics on request,very Rare boat, this is the station wagon model just like my yellow one,under boats section
Total restored probable 8 years ago of a glasspar G 3 center deck,it has bucket seats center console, SUPER SHARP,This belongs to Erik the guy that has been with me for 20+ years,he now has 2 kids and a wife and took on a business of his own, this probable has less than 25 hours since restoration ,,He is now a Mercury dealer so you can have any new motor you want,this 100hp is now mine,so it is being sold Boat and trailer only,,  $4500.00
White one,decent  needs totally restored
needs totally restored,                                                3500.00
1959 Beeline Sappfires